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Covid-19 Information

Sixth Division Circuit Court Eleventh Judicial District-West
Juvenile Division

Sixth Division Juvenile Court is aware of the global pandemic and we are taking cautionary steps to help slow the spread of COVID-19; and also to ensure the safety of our staff, the juveniles, and the community. In addition, we are making adjustments to help meet the needs and circumstances of the community as the court is opening back up.

Upon entering our building, you are required to wear a mask and have your temperature taken. Please remember to keep your mask on the entire time you are in our facility. If you are feeling sick or ill, we encourage you to stay home.

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To limit as much immediate contact as possible, here is a list of documents you can now  download and print online:

Please stay safe during this time as we all try to get through this pandemic together. Practice social distancing, washing your hands for 20 seconds and wearing a mask. Best regards.

 Judge Earnest E. Brown   Jr., and the Sixth Division Staff


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Judge Earnest E. Brown, Jr., and the Sixth Division staff observe and support Red Ribbon Drug Abuse Prevention Week.


Judge Earnest E. Brown, Jr., and the Sixth Division staff celebrate UAPB day.



The Sixth Division staff supports Breast Cancer Awareness Week.


Judge Earnest E. Brown, Jr. and the Sixth Division staff decks out in pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Week


Judge Earnest E. Brown, Jr. and the Sixth Division wear purple showing their support during Domestic Violence Awarness week.

Judge Earnest E. Brown, Jr. and the Sixth Division decked out in UAPB colors and garb in support of the University's homecoming festiviities.

Judge Earnest E. Brown, Jr. and the Sixth Division .wear pink to show their support for the 2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Week.

Welcome to Jefferson-Lincoln Circuit Court, 6th Division, Juvenile

Our courtroom and offices are in the Jack Jones Jefferson County Juvenile Justice Center, 301 East Second Ave., Pine Bluff AR.

The 6th Division Court hears all of the juvenile and juvenile related cases filed in Jefferson and Lincoln Counties. Our rules and procedures meet the legally mandated requirements of youthful defendants.

Our programs address the special needs and problems experienced by these defendants to help them become productive members of our communities. The court encourages parental participation in these programs.

Since the court is the first exposure to the American legal system experienced by many young people, we are particularly concerned that the court be fair and even handed in balancing the interests of the people, defendants, counsel and all others having business before the court. According to Judge Earnest E. Brown, Jr., presiding Judge of the Court, " ... that’s what is expected of our courts and in this court, that’s what you will get."

We hope you find our site useful in understanding what we do and how we do our jobs. If you have questions or comments, please let us know.